QCP’s visually distinctive Agora collection of precast concrete site amenities continues to expand and evolve with the addition of the all-new Peña line of planters.

This contemporary design is the result of QCP’s ongoing collaboration with Cliff Garten Studio, the Venice, CA-based civic art and landscape design studio.

“With Agora, we’re really pushing the boundaries of precast,” said Rick Crook, chief executive officer of QCP. “Peña is a logical extension of our work on the Agora line with Cliff Garten’s team. With its bold contours and striking lines, it’s an artistic interpretation of the modern architectural landscape planter in every respect.”

Ultralight in design and construction, the Peña line is extremely adaptable and can confidently be deployed in any environment requiring a durable yet easy to move  upscale, modern accent. Ideal for locations where weight is a deciding factor, such as a rooftop gardens or delicately paved surfaces. Adding to its versatility, Peña is offered in three square shapes ranging from 19.5” to 33” in height as well as one rectangular shape.

Peña is available in a variety of colors, including goldenrod yellow, argent white, slate grey, sage green and russet brown, with custom color options always available. Distinctive concrete texture finishes include smooth and sandstone to be the perfect addition to your project.

Click here for more details and to view specs for all Peña planters in the Agora collection.